Reading Intervention Program - "Book Club"

The "Book Club" Reading Intervention Program at Sacred Heart Catholic School serves struggling readers. Students who struggle with reading, reading comprehension, and/or are English Language Learners (ELL) may be admitted into Book Club. The interventionist, the reading/literature teacher, and the principal consider a student's performance in class, on reading assignments, and on English assessments before communicating with parents and issuing an invitation for a student to be admitted into the Book Club program.

Once in Book Club, students receive small group instruction which focuses on basic literacy skills, vocabulary skills, or comprehension skills, depending on the needs of the small group as shown by their performance on the Reading and Language portions of the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test. This test is highly individualized and administered three times a year. Reading instruction is also supplemented by Imagine Learning, a popular and effective online reading program, and various reading games that emphasize basic reading concepts. Students remain in Book Club until their performance in class or on reading assessments demonstrates that they have the necessary skills to perform at a satisfactory level.

Special Education Resource Program

The Resource Program at Sacred Heart Catholic School provides accommodations and remedial instruction for students who have been identified as having Special Needs with regards to: academic skill acquisition, positive behavior, English language development, occupational therapy, speech and language development, sensory integration, and Religion instruction.

Instruction of skills in all subjects is integrated to the greatest extent possible in order to create a multi-sensory approach to learning that considers each child's physical, cognitive, and spiritual growth. The environment in which resource instruction occurs aims to apeal to each child's curiosity and comfort level. Resource students are expected to succeed, and they do!