Classroom Spotlight: Physical Education (Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade)

**Classroom Spotlight posts highlight interesting projects, activities and events occurring in the classrooms of Sacred Heart Catholic School. This Classroom Spotlight article is written by our P.E. Teacher, Ms. Marlo Lopez**

During the last two school years, Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st Grade were participating in Physical Education classes once a week for 30 minutes. This school year, these three grade levels are now participating in Physical Education classes twice a week for 30 minutes to educate the whole student body, not just the to portion, from the neck on up. The main task is to provide structured and progressive physical activity experiences.


The Preschool students were taught how to walk on a balance beam. The first time the students walked on a balance beam they had trouble keeping their balance but by the end of the month, the students were able to walk on a balance beam without stepping off. In order to keep their balance, the students stretched out their arms as they walked. During the month of November, the students started working on hand-eye coordination. They are now bouncing a playground ball and catching it with two hands.


The Kindergarten students were also taught how to walk on a balance beam and how to run an obstacle course. In the obstacle course, the students ran, jumped over hurdles, and walked on the balance beam. During the month of November, students started working on developing hand-eye coordination skills by bouncing a playground ball and catching it with two hands.

First Grade

First Grade students began the school year by learning to develop locomotor skills by moving the body from one place to another and projecting the body upward by jumping or hoping. Locomotor skills include walking, running, skipping, leaping, sliding and galloping. These skills form the foundation of gross motor coordination and involve large muscle movement.

During the month of October, First Grade students began working on throwing and catching. They were taught to throw by watching the teacher model the skill. The right way to throw is to: (1) stand with the non-throwing side of the body facing the target; the throwing arm side of the body should be away from the target, (2) Step toward the target with the foot opposite the throwing hand, (3) Rotate the hips as the throwing arm moves toward the throwing arm moves froward, (4) bend the arm at the elbow and (5) Keeping their body weight on the rear foot during the early phases of the throw. The students were taught how to catch the ball by watching the instructor demonstrate the following steps: (1) Maintain visual contact with the ball, (2) reach for the ball and absorb its force by bringing the hand into the body, (3) Placing feet in a stride position and (4) placing the body in line with the ball.

During the month of November, First Grade students began learning some basic football skills such as how to throw a forward pass, how to carry a football, how to hike or center a football and how to block. The students are also learning the difference between offensive and defensive plays.