Sacred Heart Catholic School 6th Grader Launches Donation Drive to Benefit Casa Hogar Sinaí Orphanage in Imuris


My name is Alberto André Valdez from 6th grade; I would like to invite you to join me in collecting donated toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, etc.) to benefit Casa Hogar Sinaí located in Imuris, Sonora.

A box will be provided at the school office for you to place your donated toiletries in. Anything you can donate will be appreciated! They are in great need and I think it is a good idea for all of use to help.

The donation box will be available until Friday, February 2, 2018.

Thank you and God bless you.


Mi nombre es Alberto André Valdez estoy cursando 6to año y quiero invitarlos a participar en una campaña de donación de articulos para la higiene personal (pasta de dientes, cepillos de dientes, shampoo, jabón para bañarse, etc.) a beneficio de Casa Hogar Sinaí en Imuris, Sonora.

Traeré a la escuela una caja para que puedan poner sus donativos; cualquier cosa que puedan donar será apreciado. La Casa Hogar Sinaí necesita ayuda y sería buena idea reciban apoyo de todos nosotros.

La caja estará en la escuela hasta el viernes 2 de Febrero, 2018.


Faculty Spotlight: Sacred Heart Catholic School Welcomes New Middle School Teachers

Ms. Cynthia Smith-Capin and Ms. Yemil Andrade. Photo © 2017 Maia Rothstein / All rights reserved. This photo may not be re-posted, distributed or altered in any way.

Ms. Cynthia Smith-Capin and Ms. Yemil Andrade. Photo © 2017 Maia Rothstein / All rights reserved. This photo may not be re-posted, distributed or altered in any way.

Sacred Heart Catholic School is pleased to welcome two new highly qualified middle school teachers to our teaching staff.

Our former Kindergarten teacher Ms. Yemil Andrade has returned and taken the 8th grade position. She will be in charge of Theology and Mathematics for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Ms. Andrade is a highly qualified certified teacher with a B.A. in Education and a Minor is Spanish from the University of Arizona. She was Sacred Heart Catholic School's 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year. She received the Rodel Student Teacher Award, the Wildcat Excellence Award, and the Fred and Ann Boice Award. She is a member of the Phi Eta Sigma Honorary Society and the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Ms. Cynthia Smith-Capin has taken the 6th grade position. She will be in charge of Science and English Language Arts for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Ms. Smith-Capin is highly qualified certified teacher with a B.A. in Education from Prescott College. Ms. Smith-Capin has 20 years of teaching experience in the Santa Cruz County school districts. She was the 2005-2006 Francisco Vazquez de Coronado Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Ms. Smith-Capin is a member of the National Educators Association and the Nogales, AZ chapter of Reading Is Fundamental (RIF).

Ms. Frances Colunga, our current Middle School Chair, will move up to 7th grade - but keep the same classroom - she's very happy about that! Ms. Colunga will continue to teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade History and Literature and will teach a new Writing class in conjunction with her Literature curriculum. Mr. Arturo Garino, our Art Teacher and former Nogales Mayor, will expand his middle school duties this year. Mr. Garino has been named Middle School Co-Chair alongside Ms. Colunga.

These additions and changes to our middle school will surely enhance learning and achievement for all of the students at Sacred Heart Catholic School.

Middle School Parent Meeting

Mrs. Rothstein will be holding an important Middle School Parent Meeting on Tuesday, September 20 at 5:30 PM in Sheridan Hall (Cafeteria). All 6th, 7th and 8th grade parents are required to attend.

If you hve any questions regarding the meeting please call the school office at (520) 287-2223.


Classroom Spotlight: Graceful Seventh Grade

**Classroom Spotlight posts highlight interesting projects, activities and events occurring in the classrooms of Sacred Heart Catholic School. This Classroom Spotlight article is written by our Seventh Grade Homeroom/Middle School Science and Theology Teacher, Mrs. Carmen Flores**

The 7th Grade class is deeply involved in the study of Sacramental Grace. We are looking to identify all those different aspects of life where Grace has "come to the rescue."

We also are learning how we must practice forgiveness so that we may have God's Grace. Sometimes we make the mistake of limiting God's Grace and frequently block its benefits with our un-forgiveness.

Forgiveness is also amazing...It is powerful, but it pales in comparison to God's Grace which we receive through all the Sacraments...We can't forgive if we don't have Grace, we need that little extra help to forgive. This sounds like a cycle, and it is, a good one!

Grace can save us in the most unexpected places...all you have to do is trust in God's gift!

Challenge Program Update (February 2016)

**Challenge Program Updates are written by Ms. Leslie Rojas**

Elementary Challenge Update

Elementary Challenge students have a scarce two classes before our Odyssey of the Mind Regional Competition on Saturday, March 5th. Students are hard at work finishing their towers and special effects devices. Details about departure, transportation, food and return will be discussed at the parent meeting on the evening of Wednesday, February 17th. A written reminder will be sent home the week before our meeting.

Middle School Challenge Update

If the elementary Challenge students are busy, what can be said about the middle school students? They, along with some fellow students who volunteered, are in the thick of preparations for the Middle School Oratorical Contest. The expectations are undoubtedly high, but with enough practice, they will certainly shine. The parent meeting on Wednesday the 17th is also for middle school parents. This will be about the end-of-the-year project, in which students will be responsible for obtaining part of the necessary materials. A written reminder will be sent home the week before our meeting.