Congratulations 8th Grade Class of 2017!

On Wednesday, May 24, 2017 Sacred Heart Catholic School said goodbye to the graduating 8th Grade class of 2017. An extraordinary group of students will be moving on to bigger and brighter endeavors. You will be missed. Good luck in high school!

2017 8th Grade Top Ranked Students

Valedictorian: Sinayini Suarez
Salutatorian: Anabelen Vasquez-Santamaria
Third Ranked: Sebastian Baron
Fourth Ranked: Pamela Salcido
Fifth Ranked: Emilio Heredia

2016 Preschool End of the Year Awards

The following awards were presented to the 2015 - 2016 Preschool class during our graduation ceremony on May 20, 2016:

Simply Sweet - Luisa Duarte
Good Manners - Regina Gomez
Morning Person - Daniel Salazar
Amazing Artist - Rafael Dominguez
Curious George - Daniel Guerrero
Awesome Attitude - Adrian Cerezo
Homework Hero - Isabella Serrano
Spunky Spirit - Victoria Mendez
Best Storyteller - Santiago Monreal
Acts of Kindness - Matthias Bourdais
Class Sweetheart - Mariale Vasquez
Favorite Classmate - Alejandro Roiz
Quietest - Camila Sahagun
Mr. Hungry - Isaac Heredia
Ms. Attitude - Rebeka Gracia
Ms. Know-It-All - Arely Ballesteros
Good Listener - Valeria Guerrero
Bravest - Scarlett Aguiñiga
Most Outgoing - Ivanna Zavala
Classroom Helper - Evelyn Robles

Congratulations 8th Grade Class of 2016!!

Photo © 2016 Maia Rothstein / All rights reserved. This photo may not be re-posted, distributed or altered in any way

Photo © 2016 Maia Rothstein / All rights reserved. This photo may not be re-posted, distributed or altered in any way

Congratulations and farewell to the graduating 8th Grade Class of 2016! You were a special group of students whose absence will be felt throughout the school in the years to come. You all have a very bright future ahead of you and we know you will be moving on to bigger and better things

Memo Regarding 8th Grade Class Rankings

We would like to congratulate our top 8th grade students; these students have worked diligently to achieve academic excellence. Congratulations to:

  • Valedictorian - Humberto Camacho
  • Salutatorian - Manuel Camacho
  • Third Ranked - Audra Bilow

These students were within tenths of a point to one another. This was the closet grade point average calculation in Sacred Heart Catholic School history. Each of theses students deserves hardy congratulations. Keep up the academic excellence!

Valedictorian and Salutatorian are chosen solely on cumulative grade point averages. The grade point average begins to count towards this achievement commencing in 4th grade, when they begin qualifying for honor roll and high honors. The grades for English, Reading/Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies/History, and Science are the only grades taken into account, as these are the core subjects that will count for the remainder of their academic career. Each year the students' final grades are calculated and the students are ranked. The five year cumulative average is then calculated and ranked.

If you have any questions you are welcome to come to the office to view your child's cumulative record.


Vanessa Rothstein