2017 - 2018 Student Council Candidates (UPDATE #2)

UPDATE #2 8/24/17 9:55 P.M.: The STUCO Candidate list has been further updated by school administration to cover additional candidate vacancies.

The following students have gathered all required signatures and have declared their candidacy for the 2017-2018 Sacred Heart Catholic School Student Council.

Students are listed in alphabetical order.

Sebastian Jaramillo
Ana Sofia Ocampo

Vice President
Karla Estrella
Yida Wang

Camilla Ceballos

Carlos Molina

Rosario Aguiñiga

8th Grade Representative
Alan Soto

7th Grade Representative
Thais Gastelum

6th Grade Representative
Tomas Ceballos
Austin Gibson

5th Grade Representative
Sophie Bracamonte
Sofia Cebreros
Stephanie Millanes

4th Grade Representative
Elena Hester
Erin Montaño
Jesus Pesqueira
Valeria Sierras

3rd Grade Representative
Santiago Duran
Lucas Pagazani
Valentina Quihuis Favela