A Message From Student Council President Audra Bilow

Dear Student Council,

I just wanted to say how much of an honor it has been working alongside you all this past school year. I didn't think that I would have made a good president or would have been able to be a good leader, so I wasn't going to run until Miranda convinced me to. But now I am very glad that I did run. I got the chance to see how the school runs, how much work is put in by the staff and employees and most important of all, I had the chance to be able to grow the relationship between us as friends. For the representatives, I am so grateful that we got to spend our final year here, together as one. I feel that the student council has brought us closer together and has helped us make new memories we are sure to never forget. Thank you to Mrs. Rothstein and Maia for all the hard work they put in all year long. We definitely could not have done this without either of you and I am just thankful for all the dedication that is put for forth towards the school I hope that you all plan on running again because you all are the future leaders of this school.

Thank You,

Audra Bilow
Student Council President