Classroom Spotlight: Graceful Seventh Grade

**Classroom Spotlight posts highlight interesting projects, activities and events occurring in the classrooms of Sacred Heart Catholic School. This Classroom Spotlight article is written by our Seventh Grade Homeroom/Middle School Science and Theology Teacher, Mrs. Carmen Flores**

The 7th Grade class is deeply involved in the study of Sacramental Grace. We are looking to identify all those different aspects of life where Grace has "come to the rescue."

We also are learning how we must practice forgiveness so that we may have God's Grace. Sometimes we make the mistake of limiting God's Grace and frequently block its benefits with our un-forgiveness.

Forgiveness is also amazing...It is powerful, but it pales in comparison to God's Grace which we receive through all the Sacraments...We can't forgive if we don't have Grace, we need that little extra help to forgive. This sounds like a cycle, and it is, a good one!

Grace can save us in the most unexpected places...all you have to do is trust in God's gift!