Message From The Advisory School Board President

To All Parents of Sacred Heart Catholic School:

Welcome to your school. As the new president of the advisory school board it is my pleasure to welcome all parents, students and faculty as we begin the new school year. Our total enrollment stands at 217 students from 139 families.

This school is special because of the families and the teachers that come together to create an environment for our students that promotes academic excellence, faith based values and camaraderie amongst students.

We are inviting you to participate in our first Welcoming Get-Together for families of Sacred Heart Catholic School. This event used to be called the Dinner/Dance. it is no longer a fundraiser but an event to get to know each other in a relaxed environment, welcome new families to the school and meet our children's classmates. Parents will eat for free and we will have food available for sale for the kids. This event is part of our parish festival celebration, so friends are welcome. It will take place September 19th at 6:00 P.M. in the Sacred Heart Church parking lot.

This is also a new chapter for our school. In the past we depended on the PTC to subsidize the school's operating budget. We needed these funds to pay for utilities, salaries, insurance, etc. Now our tuition covers all operating expenses.

This year we want to create a new vision for the school with everyone's input. We want to understand what your top priorities and needs are. Is it to remodel the cafeteria? Or have digital classrooms in middle school? Or to have a stronger sports program? We will be asking for your opinion in surveys and in interviews.

From this exercise we hope that a new vision for the school emerges and a multi-year plan is put together to achieve it. The funds will be raised by volunteers that want to make this new vision a reality, no longer will we be selling mandatory tickets. I encourage you to participate and stay involved in this process. If we want a better school we all need to work together to achieve it.

I am excited about the work that is in front of us. Please feel free to talk to me about what your thoughts and comments are for the school. Hope to see everyone at the Welcoming Get-Together on September 19th.


Ricardo D. Crisantes
President of the Advisory Board of Sacred Heart Catholic School