Sacred Heart Oratorical Contest

For the past 6 weeks of class, Challenge students and 2 volunteer students have been hard at work preparing 4-5 minute speeches on "How Optimism Will Help [Them] Pres on to Greater Achievements in the Future". At first the almost unanimous reaction to the assignment had been a panic-tinged "Do we have to?" from the students, but looking back at the fruits of their labor as exhibited in last week's contest has shown both healthy growth and promising potential. Yes, there were unplanned pauses; yes, there were tears of dread; yes, there were even tears of sorrow in the retelling of difficult experiences,  but there were also unforeseen flashes of inspiration, smiles of triumph, and proudly beaming parents. The students wrestled with their fears and anxieties to some out braver and - most importantly - alive from the experience.

The results were as follows:

1st - Manuel Camacho
2nd - Audra Bilow
3rd - Humberto Camacho
4th - Hector Lopez-Olaiz

- Ms. Rojas