Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Catholic School is devoted to the personal development of its students in a traditional Catholic environment by setting high standards of academic excellence, cultivating spiritual growth and encouraging students to become lifelong disciples in faith.

School Philosophy

Education at Sacred Heart Catholic School is an expression of the mission of Jesus Christ. We believe in teaching and modeling the Roman Catholic Principles, working in concert with parents in building and strengthening our school and civic communities and in serving others. Sacred Heart Catholic School integrates faith and knowledge in the personal formation of our students enabling them to be lifelong learners and Christians.

Sacred Heart Catholic School values each student as a child of God, loved and called to friendship with Him. High value is placed on integrity as the basis for respectful and thoughtful coexistence and the necessary virtue for the development of the Christian moral life. An integrated moral life will enable our students to confront and solve life’s challenges and problems for the benefit of self and others.

Sacred Heart Catholic School will employ innovative and meaningful strategies in a productive learning environment stimulating the development and progress of our students as all-integrated and self-motivated persons.